Chapter 699

Hey thanks Oda I’m glad you’re evening this Nami fanservice out with a bit of Robin because it wouldn’t be fucking fair otherwise right?
Because we really needed five pages of the pervert trio freaking out over teh womenz and the kid occupying the same shitty space. It was so funny I had both my hands up in the air. My middle fingers were especially active.


Well now that I’ve gotten that out of my system- loving the colourspread, and is that Law’s jolly roger on the flag Sanji’s carrying? Guess this is an alliance to last. I’m glad that Robin got to be a knight, and Chopper’s little sword is so cute~

Speaking of Chopper- THAT MOUSTACHE. omg I can’t.

Kuzan’s busy being a boss like always, and it’s weird to see Smoker on the losing end for once. Those marines are so dedicated though. <3

Guess Doflamingo isn’t going down without a fight- looking forward to next weeks chap so we can see how this all develops. The Apoo-Hawkings-Kid alliance has gone ahead as well, so I guess it’s gonna be a race to the top. In other news, Baby 5 looks like she’s back in action, wonder how long it will be till she confronts the Strawhats again…

In other news I wonder how long it will take before Law has to resort to some serious therapy after spending time around Luffy. I give him two days, tops.

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