is it really too much for work to give me more than an hours notice for when they want me to come in?

thatsouthernasshole asked: Humanformers Whirl stuck on a tree branch via her overalls


Who wants to bet Magnus stuck him there because he finally got tired of his shenanigans.

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"For such a big strong bot ,you are soft"


"For such a big strong bot ,you are soft"

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Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths."
— Lois Wyse, author and advertising executive (via nicothedoctor)

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I’ve seen this messed up quite a few times lately so let’s be clear on this:

compliment- saying something nice to someone
complement- two things which look good together

ie: someone telling you that the colour of your shirt brings out your eyes is giving you a compliment about complementary colours

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I am tough, but I’m no cookie

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College: where you’re not sure whether you’re more scared to check blackboard or your bank account."
— seen this on twitter today and the accuracy hurts (via piiissssss)
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i wish Luffy and Robin had scars from when Croc impaled them, and I wish we saw more of the scar on Nami’s arm.