Pet project = revising/repairing an old plush to withstand being toted around just about everywhere…….   weh….   Pics cuz someone asked.   

((His chest opens up….. I don’t have time to make him a Matrix to stuff into his chest…. but I plan to do so later on))

I should really get back to wrapping up the batch for TFCon Chicago now that this distraction is out of my way…..  :P

He looks amazing.

And you’re going to be at TF Con Chicago? That’s great!

FAQ and Schedule


Welcome to the 2014/15 One Piece Big Bang. Below are some FAQs and the Schedule outline for you to read before sign ups open. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me either through PM here or on livejournal, or via the email onepiecebigbang@gmail.com

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Now that I’ve shared pencils, how about a progress gif? Hopefully I can do this tumblr gif thing right… 


Now that I’ve shared pencils, how about a progress gif? Hopefully I can do this tumblr gif thing right… 


true friendship doesn’t necessarily mean sharing the same fandoms; it means being willing to listen to each other talk even though it might be about a fandom you don’t know shit about

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Women are not punished in this world for acting ‘like men’. We are punished for acting like human beings. In our world, only men are human. They take that label for themselves, they accord themselves social and economic and legal privileges because of it, and they declare women other and different and make damn sure that we wear our inferiority in whatever way they tell us to. Through our clothing and our hairstyles and our submissive and ingratiating behaviours.

Any time a woman gives herself the right to be fully clothed, to have access to forums and spaces in which to express her ideas and opinions, to work in fields which men declare unsuitable, to be comfortable and free of bodily restriction, she is (knowingly or not) refusing to accept her inferior sex-caste status. We are declaring our right to be human. Not our right to be men, our right to be human. Got it?

The association of man with human is so pervasive, yet invisible, that women refusing to accept inferior status is equated with wanting to be men, rather than with wanting to be human, which is surely more accurate. And it is difficult to get away from…



mothafuckin wrecker princess just for you, snuff <3

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